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Delta Taxes has over 25 years of experience helping Canadian and American companies simplify the

ever-changing complexities of their

global tax responsibilities.


North American and European Sales Tax

Many companies are unnecessarily overpaying taxes due to the numerous and evolving policies and various legislation affecting their business and/or limited resources committed to this area. These costly errors have a direct impact on a company's financial success.

DELTA TAXES specializes in tax recovery. Allow our experts to review your files for areas of over-payment, so that you can focus on running your business.

Customs Duties

Customs duty over-payments are made primarily due to the complexity of trade regulations that exist and a company's minimal expertise in the area of tariff classification. Clients may feel they are committing sufficient resources to the area of customs, but even the smallest of errors can lead to substantial monetary over-payments.You may also be entitled to recoveries based on the government's various recovery programs. Our services will assist you in determining your eligibility in these potentially beneficial programs and we will do all the work necessary to obtain a favorable decision and refund.

Grants and Subsidies

DELTA TAXES has a network of grant/subsidy specialists throughout 7 countries whose sole responsibility is to monitor the various new programs available to businesses in those countries. 

When we identify grants or subsidies available, we immediately notify our eligible clients and manage all aspects of the application and post-approval process.



No one individual has a monopoly on knowledge with regard to the complex legislation associated with commodity taxes and customs. Over the years DELTA TAXES has expanded into a powerhouse of over 50 highly knowledgeable specialists in their respective fields of expertise.

Our review for each client utilizes every specialist we have in order to identify every possible area of interest relating to refunds, savings, grants, subsidies and compliance.

Our diverse group of specialists have been carefully selected by Delta Taxes with a view to providing our clients the best in experience and knowledge for their needs. Each consultant has over 20 years experience in their respective field of expertise formerly working for one or more of the following;

  • Large accounting firms

  • World Customs Organization

  • U.S.A. and Canada Customs

  • International trade law firms

  • Customs brokerage firms

  • Various government departments

  • Multi-national corporations

Allow our entire results driven team to focus their attention toward your current systems and see what improvements can be made.



Year Established

280 000 000





Clients with Recovery


Delta Taxes has made it a priority to do every bit of work possible on our own; eliminating additional work for our already busy clients. With this in mind, we have found many ways to complete our work off-site unless our clients prefer otherwise.

With the aid of various Government Consent Forms, Delta Taxes can perform offsite computerized reviews of the prior 4 years both in Canada and the United States. (There is no need to disturb or displace your own records or staff.)

Within approximately 4-6 weeks we will be finished our research and detailed review of the various data. We then report our findings and share all applicable refund issues available to you and any compliance issues that need to be addressed.


Knowing your business better, we will also share specific issues and other services that may be of benefit at this time.

You pay no retainers, upfront fees or expenses of any kind. We cover all the expenses and we do all the work. All we need are the relevant records and if necessary, we will go to your offices, scan all the documents, complete the work in our own office and later provide you with all electronic records for your files.

We are only paid a percentage of the refund we obtain for you once you receive it.




Our experts have been helping companies in a wide range of industries throughout North America for decades. Many fortune 500 companies and many more small to medium sized companies have utilized our services to date.

Many of our clients were initially skeptical that our services would be of value as they believed they had sufficient resources overseeing these areas. However, Delta Taxes has continuously provided material benefit to clients. 

Our clients are based throughout North America and we respect their privacy. Upon request, we would be happy to provide references and letters of recommendation.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 877-263-7921 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

6500 Trans-Canada Hwy

Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 0A2


Tel: 1 833 997 0829


To apply for a job with Delta Taxes, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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